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Mothball Fleet Ghost Ships

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In Scott Haefner’s page, “Beyond the Photos,” he tells the story of forgotten Navy and merchant ships from very historically influential wars. His goal was to gain access and document as much as he could about the remaining ships in order to tell their story before there were none left (he predicted this would happen by 2017).


What interested me so much about this piece was the topic and the first few pictures I had seen. I’m no big ship fanatic by any means, but I do like history, and even more so, originality. Especially when I read that he and his friends had gained “unprecedented access” to the ships, my attention was sparked.


Unfortunately, as interesting as this might have seemed to me at first, my attention would not have lasted as long if it weren’t for this assignment. There is way too much text for what Haefner is trying to present. Sure, it’s crazy to me how he had snuck onto so many ships just for the sake of posting his findings online, but it’s presented in a much more boring fashion. Also, when the page loads (didn’t take long at all seeing as how it’s just pictures and text) the scroll bar makes the page look incredibly long! It’s only because of the amount of comments. It would be better if only a handful were shown and then a link was provided to view more comments or, better yet, a comment box and then a link to view other’s comments.


After actually reading the entire story, I found it pretty interesting, so the content was good- but again, not the presentation. I enjoyed the pictures a lot and everything flowed but why not make it more interactive? Text and picture, text and picture, text and picture- was he stuck in the 90’s? It would be much more interesting, and inviting, if he used less space and made it possible to click on the pictures to see each section or part of the story. Even providing video or other media recorded while they were sneaking on and off ships.


As much as I liked the topic- I’d say this project failed. I would’ve easily gone on to another part of the site after reading two paragraphs and seeing how much further I may or may not have had to go to reach the end.


Written by LoganT

September 1, 2011 at 2:06 am

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  1. Yeah, the actually content is great…especially the photos. But the organization doesn’t really strike me as being very interesting or innovative. The story was really good too, but I have to be honest I skimmed through quite a bit of it because my attention wasn’t being consistently held.

    For older people I could see this site doing well though. It’s not confusing in any way. So I guess the creator might have sacrificed ingenuity for usability?


    September 2, 2011 at 8:51 am

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